Monday, 30 September 2013

Moor Park 10k Run

On Sunday Russ took part in his first running event (first since I met him anyway - he took part in some as a teen).  This was the Moor Park 10k. He was a little nervous before, but did really well. He came 65th out of 682 runners and you can see his finish time below. I'm so proud of him for his steps towards a really healthy lifestyle and how much he has inspired our children. Phoebe wants to run the under 10 fun run there next year! :)

Thursday, 12 September 2013

The Deep End

Wonderful family holiday. Lovely family get together the day after we are back (other side of family). Then the sniffing and coughing starts. We are now on day three of poorly Eli, which means he has cried for the best part of three days. My poor baby. Phoebe and Ezra caught it too but it is getting better for them. Elijah's is lingering. He is hot and miserable and barely sleeping. My parents were great yesterday, letting us invade their house and making dinner. Today I am feeling that he should be better and am concerned it will go to his chest and he'll need the nebuliser again. He is a healthy robust little boy but his chest seems to be his Achilles heel. I'm wondering what I can do to help him.
Also feeling quite sorry for myself today after so little sleep for so long and the aching of holding a heavy baby so much. I am still weak and tired due to recently diagnosed under active thyroid. But I am trying not to dwell and instead focusing on the fact it will be short lived and soon we will be on to our autumn activities as planned. Today Phoebe and Ezra are playing on Reading Eggs and later we will be setting up a "home cinema" as Phoebe called it, and choosing a film each. Not a lot else we can do when my time is completely taken up by a poorly and very upset baby. Just taking a moment to write this while he is sleeping on my lap. I hope it lasts longer than his earlier nap! Thankful for central heating and blankets, comfy pyjamas, soup to heat up in the fridge, and these few moments of quiet, however short they may be.