Friday, 9 August 2013

August so far

A few of the things we have been up to lately:

The biggest thing has been Ezra turning four! Yay! He had a lovely birthday at legoland. :)

Other things:

Phoebe went to her friend Charlie's house and learnt a bit about volcanos.

Library group in the morning on Wednesdays. Swapped books and talked to the librarians about the books we had read as part of the summer reading challenge. The children then got stickers which they added to their poster to show their progress. Last week we played at the library play area and then walked home via the town park. 

Kite making session at local park so we stopped to make star kites. The children worked very carefully on them and were delighted with them! We flew them home and then after realising we had no food in we walked back out to the high street and had dinner in a pub. :)

Working on some literacy and numeracy work in some Collins workbooks I managed to get in an online sale.

We took a picnic to the local park and ate in the shade and then played giant kerplunk and skittles which had been set up by the council. 

We went to the museum for one of their activity sessions and made a Celtic board game each (Fidchell) including the clay playing pieces. We looked around the museum for a while before heading home. 

We made imprints in play dough of seashells and poured in plaster of Paris to make "fossils" - idea taken from my lovely friend Sam. :)

Dropped off some experiment bags we made up as part of a science swap. Soon we will have 20 different experiments to do ready made up in little kits! Exciting!

Lots of mundane jobs like food shopping and housework but also lots of play

We travelled over for our nephew's fourth birthday celebrations! The children had fun playing with their cousin and his friends and seeing Grandma, Grandpa, Auntie Nicola and Uncle John - there was even a bouncy castle. :) Happy Birthday Rocco!

We went to legoland for the day for Ezra's fourth birthday and met Auntie Lynsey there. Great day! We especially loved the pirate show.

Lots of art and painting and writing notes and reading books and listening to audio books. Phoebe loves The BFG and Ezra loves Pinocchio.

Having so much summer fun!