Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Day book for June

Outside my window... The sun is shining down and through the cracks in the curtains brightly. We still have them drawn as Elijah is teething and tearful so all my time has been taken so far with soothing him. 

I am thinking... About The White Queen. I watched the first episode last night and really enjoyed it. It has made me realise how much I love reading and that I should make a little space each day to read and write. Philippa Gregory novels here I come!

I am thankful... That Elijah has at last fallen asleep for his first nap. That I am feeling better than I have been. That we had a restful weekend.

In the kitchen... I just made simple egg/banana pancakes (thanks to a friend's Instagram feed), Elijah has littered Riverford recipe leaflets around, and I am wondering if I can keep him asleep on my shoulder while I make a cup of tea.

I am wearing... My pyjamas still. Comfy soft maroon top and checked bottoms. I defy anyone with a teething baby and two older children to feed, clothe and assist to be dressed before 10am!

I am creating... A tiny baby hat in the softest merino wool ever. It is a pale light green, the pattern is my go to baby hat - the umbilical cord hat from Stitch n Bitch. Also a cute pink crochet bear for my cousin's sweet little girl who just turned one. It's a little late but I hope to get finished today.... Hmm.... Well, maybe!
I am also cutting out bits to start art journaling. Hope to do that with the kids. So much fun!

I am going... camping later in the week in a friend's woods! She has organised a gathering of families to stay for a night and have a bonfire and BBQ. So looking forward to it!

I am wondering... When my blood test results will come back. Just checking a few things as I have felt not myself for some time. Hoping for the all clear and then I may have to do private allergy testing.

I am reading... Well, I am hoping to finish a few books. I am nearly done with Project Based Homeschooling, The Dance of the Dissident Daughter and a number of other books. I am a serial starter-but-take-ages-to-finish-er! I am wanting now to make time for reading each day, even just a few minutes.

I am hoping... The weather stays nice. I manage to make reasonable meals today. My results are normal. My mum feels better soon (very bad back pain). Elijah wakes refreshed and happy!

I am looking forward to... Cosy chats around the bonfire. Reading. More knitting in seized moments. Making ladybirds with Ezra later. Reading Phoebe's story - The Mysterious Mermaid!

I am learning... To control my frustration through a difficult season in our family life. To go easy on myself. I am alone with the three children for 11 hours a day. Elijah is an intense baby. It's tough! But love smoothes over all the bumps and i am glimpsing an inner peace that I am feeling on a deeper level than before.

Around the house... Are various child & mama projects. We are looking forward to working on some later after paddington. We really want to start on sorting out the boys room too. So far it's just mess as they sleep in with us but we'd like it to be usable as a playroom. :)

I am pondering... How my sister & brother in law are getting on with the nursery for their little one - due November. I'm excited. :)

A favorite quote for today... "Let your life speak" (quaker saying)

One of my favorite things... Is chai syrup. I'm tempted to make some today - the sugar content means its a really rare treat!

A few plans for the rest of the week: 

Library group, followed by a little learning session we have with friends, tomorrow.
Sports group, followed by camping Thursday.
Ladybird making, story writing, reading, trip to the allotment, some science experiments if we have time!

A peek into my day...


  1. I tried the banana/egg pancakes but didn't like them. I just make banana pancakes with gluten free flour. Your little boy is awful cute!