Wednesday, 22 May 2013

This boy

Our ray of sunshine! Almost seven months already. Full of smiles and giggles. Hard work yet also not. He likes to be held and amused, but is so easy to love. It's fun making him laugh. So glad he is here spreading his infectious happiness. 

{photo above by Ezra}

{this is his wrinkly nose smile of extreme cuteness} 

{balloons! He thought they were amazing! Open mouthed wonder for a full five minutes}

Oh Elijah how we love you. Don't grow too fast now though will you. Love multiplied by three. So richly blessed.


  1. Nooo, seven months? Can it really be? (hugs)

  2. love your photos of your beautiful children! :)

  3. I know Sarah, it goes so fast doesn't it! Time is flying! Xx

    Lori, thank you so much! :)

  4. Love all the hand work the little blue & white cap is adorable. Be blessed mamma!

  5. Love the handwork. The little blue & white cap is adorable. Be blessed momma! PS have a great summer, looking forward to when you are bloggin' again