Friday, 12 April 2013

This baby...

Five months already! Nearly five and a half actually! Time is flying by. Elijah is such a happy babe, and we have just had a few grumps as his first tooth came through. Can you spot it in the picture below? This is the age I started solids with my other two, baby led weaning style, around six months. Elijah is not even near ready. He can't sit yet. So I'll be waiting until he is showing more signs. There is plenty of evidence that nine months is a more appropriate time to start with food so I'm not at all concerned that he's not raring to go. :)

Loving his snuggles, first back carry and well he just adores his siblings. He gets all shouty if they neglect him for too long. They get the best smiles :)


  1. Hi,
    Lovely blog! Could you tell me which sling you use to carry Elijah on your back? Would love to do the same with my little one! Thanks. Jay

  2. Hi Jay, thank you for taking the time to comment. :)
    In the picture I am using a sling called a Mei tai - mine is a "kozy carrier". I love it and have used it with all three children. I also have a beco butterfly, which is a more structured buckled carrier, that I use for back carries.
    When I carry Elijah on my front though I most often use a woven wrap but that slightly more tricky. Only slightly though. YouTube is great for demonstrations if you search for babywearing. :)
    I hope that is useful. :)
    Laura x