Thursday, 4 April 2013

The past fortnight or so

We are busy settling in but I'm really pleased to be able to share some pictures from the past couple of weeks. :)

Lots of snow! The snowy photo is the view from our bedroom window. It snowed again today actually! Phoebe wondered if the snow queen of Narnia had joined forces with Jack Frost!

Elijah rolling over. He can now roll onto his tummy one way. He seems to quite like it and is trying hard to wiggle himself forwards!

Books, a teeny bit of crochet, friends and family, playing with toys now they have their new homes, planning activities and trying to plan food (!) and finding a new rhythm to our days and weeks.

Chitting potatoes - a homeschool freebie (from the potato council I think?).

A lovely parcel from a sweet friend (thank you Sarah) which made my day. Love the housewarming spring hare and pretty yarn (arwenmakes on etsy - go look! :)

Easter naps for two of the boys ;) , new mugs to serve tea to guests, and lots and lots of cuddles!

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