Friday, 12 April 2013


This little boy is restless, fidgety, cannot sit still. He is intense. He often has no brakes. But he can be intensely focused also. And daydreamy. He thinks. I wonder how he would cope if he was starting school in September. He is still so small, so young and so immature. So sweet.
I am so glad he is staying home with us, learning alongside his siblings. I am so so grateful that we are able to do this for our children. We have made sacrifices. I have made sacrifices especially. But it is all worth it. They are worth it. It might not be right for everybody but it is so right for us. Though I have my stressed out moments (don't we all), I am thankful. Always thankful.

Park play

So glad we're here!

This baby...

Five months already! Nearly five and a half actually! Time is flying by. Elijah is such a happy babe, and we have just had a few grumps as his first tooth came through. Can you spot it in the picture below? This is the age I started solids with my other two, baby led weaning style, around six months. Elijah is not even near ready. He can't sit yet. So I'll be waiting until he is showing more signs. There is plenty of evidence that nine months is a more appropriate time to start with food so I'm not at all concerned that he's not raring to go. :)

Loving his snuggles, first back carry and well he just adores his siblings. He gets all shouty if they neglect him for too long. They get the best smiles :)


We have been having fun making birdie chains this week. We took the idea from The Artful Spring ebook (I am eagerly anticipating The Artful Parent by Jean Van T'ul but amazon's supplier is delayed in delivering) and Phoebe chose to colour them to look like British birds, using an identification guide. She started with birds we see in our garden and then moved on to woodpeckers and more.

We are also part way through making beaded garden decorations, also from The Artful Spring.

Phoebe has been doing some independent writing. This is her first sentence with no help from me. She is gaining confidence now in just having a go.

The last picture is something I made. A weekly menu planning board. I'm loving it so far! :)

Fancy Dress

Phoebe went to a friend's Narnia themed birthday party last weekend. This is her costume. She loves the book and chose to go as the snow queen/white witch. She came back very excited and talking of bobbing for apples and playing Pass Mr Tumnus' Parcel. :)

Thursday, 4 April 2013

The Secret Garden

When we looked around this house we saw it once at night time and once in daylight. There is an area behind the conifers at the bottom that is an overgrown mess. We had no idea even in daylight that is was anything but mud and brambles. Upon moving in and exploring the garden (when it wasn't snowing) we still had no idea what was really underneath it til this past weekend. We saw what looked like piles of bricks and some pebbles in a pattern. We thought maybe there were a couple of raised beds. We weren't expecting what we found - a path was uncovered, leading round some shaped beds. Quite exciting! We are looking forward to attempting to restore the area!

On another note, I am amazed by the garden birds we get here and we are enjoying identifying them! Thank you Grandma and Grandpa for the booklet. We also just got a new wildlife book to help us too. :)

Our garden

A few pictures of around our garden this past week. We are loving it!

Angel Baby

Elijah, now five months... somehow? How did it happen?! Sweet cute, always happy, chunky little angel baby. Growing so fast, too fast! No longer a newborn. I kind of miss that. But how could I really when I have so much sweetness to cuddle!