Sunday, 24 March 2013


We have moved! It finally happened!

We have been in just over two weeks now I think. We've managed to unpack most of the boxes. Just one small upstairs room holds the rest currently. It is feeling like home. Actually, it is already beginning to feel more like home than our last house did. I can't imagine ever wanting to move from here... unless Russ' job ever allowed a move to the coast. Highly unlikely. We are loving the house itself, the size and layout, and the way out stuff fits so perfectly.

We are also loving the location. We can walk to town, and home ed group sessions, and the museum, and the library, and the swimming pool, bowling, and cinema! There are awesome parks nearby.

Also we are in the old town and it is quite community minded, with lots of local businesses we can support and events and even it's own little local magazine. We just missed out on an Easter egg trail - sixty eggs hidden around the high street and local area to find and list for a competition. Such a shame the snow put a stop to us attempting it but it seems they will do a similar thing at Christmas. The local church has a spring Fayre next month and there is a monthly farmers market on the high street. It feels like a friendly place.

We are so happy to be here! We are making new friends (wonderful home ed community!), the children are growing in confidence already and their learning seems to have stepped up a gear in the past week too. We are also seeing lots more of my parents and brother and that's really nice. Ezra talks about them all the time. Everything is falling into place.

I think it will take a few more weeks for a natural rhythm to become established. We are still finding our feet a bit. But I see good things for our family and I want to say a huge thank you to both Russ' parents and mine who have really done amazing things for us and for whom we will be eternally grateful! Thank you so much!

Thank you also to you, dear reader, for your kind wishes over the past few months. I am hoping to start blogging more regularly again now and looking forward to sharing the next chapters in our journey! Much love to you xxx