Saturday, 26 January 2013

I'm Listening

I hear a voice... a still small voice. It doesn't speak in works but in pictures and feelings, in love and light. It nudges me gently. If I choose to ignore it the feeling gets louder. I am listening. I really am. But I don't have time for this. I'm too busy. I can't fit it in. But I must. I am now bursting with this urge, this feeling, that I must create! I must make art and write words! And that some day I am going to share it. This is my calling, the thing I must do!

So though my days are full of little people and learning and packing to move and preparing meals, my head is full of colour and light and messages. I strive to be present. But that voice keeps on calling me away! So I must find a way to make it work. Things will certainly be a whole lot easier in a few months after the move!

One of the ways I am making it work is through photography. Creative editing and an eye for shape and form turn family snaps into art. It's fun for me to play this way and relieves my feeling of "no time for me". An easy route to self expression. Here are a few pictures from the past few days:


  1. Beautiful beautiful beautiful! I love your photography, and the sense of stillness and motion you capture in your day. <3

  2. Gorgeous creating and creations! x

  3. It's like you took that from my own mind... Though much more beautifully written than I would have managed! The desire and urge to create and craft is constant and when I spend my days sitting at a desk, typing and staring at a block of grey flats, it's very hard for my mind not to drift onto what I would be creating with my knitting needles (or one of the millions of other crafts waiting in the wings) if I wasn't stuck here! Even though I have a relatively nice job it's hard when you know it's not what you're really meant for! Give the gorgeous kiddies a hug from me! We should have set up a family craft collective :) xxx

    Ps. I do love the multitasking of knitting with Elijah... It looks like he's doing it :) start them young!

  4. Ps. I need a tutuorial on how you did your blog banner?!