Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Happy Things

A few pictures from our first week of 2013!

Russ and our friend Tim practicing on ukeleles.

First eggs of the year from our chickens... first eggs in months actually!

Phoebe's drawing of her hooping.

Gorgeous new calendar! It turned out to be practically useless as its got no space to write and I didn't realise that when I ordered. It is still stunningly beautiful!

New art books for me. Thank you everyone for all our lovely gifts this Christmas! xxx

Baby snuggles in the sling

Æbleskiver - Danish spherical pancakes. A lovely day with two good friends, one of whom made these! Yum! Thank you Louise. xxx

Blooming on my windowsill and brightening my day! Thank you Jon and Christine for the cyclamen. I have kept it alive so far! xxx

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  1. Lovely photos Laura! The bottom one brightened my morning up immeasurably! xx