Saturday, 26 January 2013

Tidal Homeschooling

I just came across this and had to share with other home ed families:

I love the analogy. :) I'd say we are unschooling low tiders but sometimes I think it benefits us all for the tide to come in for a bit so we can set sail on an adventure together!

Monday 21.01.13

A few pictures of our day today. Lots of snow play, some art both together and on our own, lots of role play and lots of stories. We enjoyed reading Greek Myths and had lots of interesting discussion while I tried to explain the concept of the underworld, how the story of Persephone related to the seasons, and Pandora's box!

I'm Listening

I hear a voice... a still small voice. It doesn't speak in works but in pictures and feelings, in love and light. It nudges me gently. If I choose to ignore it the feeling gets louder. I am listening. I really am. But I don't have time for this. I'm too busy. I can't fit it in. But I must. I am now bursting with this urge, this feeling, that I must create! I must make art and write words! And that some day I am going to share it. This is my calling, the thing I must do!

So though my days are full of little people and learning and packing to move and preparing meals, my head is full of colour and light and messages. I strive to be present. But that voice keeps on calling me away! So I must find a way to make it work. Things will certainly be a whole lot easier in a few months after the move!

One of the ways I am making it work is through photography. Creative editing and an eye for shape and form turn family snaps into art. It's fun for me to play this way and relieves my feeling of "no time for me". An easy route to self expression. Here are a few pictures from the past few days:

Monday, 21 January 2013

Monday, 14 January 2013


How did it happen? How did the beautiful little baby I birthed what seems like only recently turn into the sweet kind six year old stood beside me! It seems like only yesterday, and yet it feels she has been with me an eternity. I cannot remember well life before she came along.

I am unashamedly proud of my children. And yet they are not truly mine to he proud of. They are themselves, their own people with their own lives to live. I am their guide through life, their facilitator, their enabler. I am not here to control them, though I sometimes forget this and fall for that illusion!

I love with all my heart these little people that came into my world and turned it upside down, in the most beautiful and wonderful of ways! They are my greatest teachers in life and I hope I never forget that. Having children grows you in ways you can't expect or explain if you surrender and allow it to. I am still learning new ways to surrender!

So enough about me and motherhood, what about Phoebe? What about the child growing here right before my eyes, who I am so privileged to spend every day with?

Phoebe, you amaze me! You have such a strong sense of fairness and right. You love what you love wholeheartedly and without reservation! You are passionate and strong and so so clever! At six you know your own mind so well, and you won't let people push you into things you don't want to do. You are generous and considerate and show compassion often beyond your years.

Right now you love music and dancing, singing and acting, drawing and making art, crafts and creations, experiments and numbers, and above all stories of all kinds. I love learning with you.

Phoebe, I can't wait to see more of who you are and what you will become. I am so excited for your future! We love you so much! xxx

{pictures of Phoebe's birthday yesterday}

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Right now...

Using prompts today from - thank you to Sarah of for the inspiration!

Outside my window... It is dark. The curtains are pulled and we are shutting the world out.

I am thinking... About the course I went on today. It was a full day of Nonviolent Communication (NVC). It was intense but I loved it. I have so much to process, so much to learn, and I am so grateful for this opportunity to dig deeper into who I am and how I interact with those around me. Am actually quite proud of how much I use it already without having realised!

I am thankful... for good friends and new friends, beauty, rooibos with honey, and a husband who did an awesome job of looking after the children. He didn't just survive - he took them to the library, cooked lunch and dinner, went food shopping and hoovered!!! I'm very blessed. Thankful too for all three of my children and their sweet kindness and love for each other.

In the kitchen... Is the remains of dinner (veggie tacos), the birthday cake for tomorrow, and a whole lot of dried fruit and nuts for snacking!

I am wearing... My nightie. It's comfy. And also Elijah is lying on me feeding. He's snuggly.... Ok he just brought milk back up! I'm now in fresh pyjamas and so is he!

I am creating... A drop stitch cowl in chunky purple wool (Rowan drift) that was a present from my children for Christmas. I have also cast on a second one in cream to gift. I am drawing daily - Phoebe and I are doing a 30 day drawing challenge!

I am going... To flop on the sofa with a mug of chai (another Christmas present) and my new planner and start putting in birthdays and holidays! I love my new planner! In reality I will probably flop on sofa with baby and feed and feed and feed til it's time for me to go to bed!

I am wondering... If Phoebe will like her presents tomorrow! She turns six! SIX! How did that happen?

I am reading... A Funny kind of Education by Ross Mountney and Leadership Education: Phases of Learning by Oliver DeMille. Also the latest issue of Green Parent mag, which now has a column by my lovely friend Claire!

I am hoping...for some rest later. I have a headache from bad posture - holding Elijah all day. Though I would have put up with far worse - such a transformational day!

I am looking forward to... Phoebe's birthday tomorrow! Lunch out and bowling!

I am learning... NVC skills, about leadership education (also known as Thomas Jefferson Education or TJEd) and that I am feeling rather overwhelmed! Thank you to friends and kind GP mamas for your advice and reassurance!

Around the house... All is calm. The older children are playing in the bath while DH reads to them. Elijah and I are chilling in the bedroom. Phoebe's cake is made and presents are wrapped.

I am pondering... what to do in the coming weeks with my children when I have my arms full and we have an empty social diary! Again, thank you GP mamas!

A favorite quote for today... "Out Beyond Ideas of Right Doing and Wrong Doing, There is a Field. I'll Meet you There" -- Rumi

One of my favourite things... The Gormenghast Trilogy by Mervyn Peake. Russ bought me the DVD for Christmas and I hope to watch soon.
Oh and sending happy mail, which I plan to do this week!

A few plans for the rest of the week:

Birthday celebrations for Phoebe
30 day drawing challenge
Trying some jewellery making together
Reading new library books
HAMA beads - a new love of Phoebe and Ezra's
Adding to my bucket list

A peek into my day...

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Lovely pictures of my children

Because what else could I possibly call this post! I seem to have an extraordinarily large amount of pictures on my phone already this year! Sharing my favourites here, and hopefully the next few posts won't be so picture heavy!

I so adore these little people!