Monday, 30 September 2013

Moor Park 10k Run

On Sunday Russ took part in his first running event (first since I met him anyway - he took part in some as a teen).  This was the Moor Park 10k. He was a little nervous before, but did really well. He came 65th out of 682 runners and you can see his finish time below. I'm so proud of him for his steps towards a really healthy lifestyle and how much he has inspired our children. Phoebe wants to run the under 10 fun run there next year! :)

Thursday, 12 September 2013

The Deep End

Wonderful family holiday. Lovely family get together the day after we are back (other side of family). Then the sniffing and coughing starts. We are now on day three of poorly Eli, which means he has cried for the best part of three days. My poor baby. Phoebe and Ezra caught it too but it is getting better for them. Elijah's is lingering. He is hot and miserable and barely sleeping. My parents were great yesterday, letting us invade their house and making dinner. Today I am feeling that he should be better and am concerned it will go to his chest and he'll need the nebuliser again. He is a healthy robust little boy but his chest seems to be his Achilles heel. I'm wondering what I can do to help him.
Also feeling quite sorry for myself today after so little sleep for so long and the aching of holding a heavy baby so much. I am still weak and tired due to recently diagnosed under active thyroid. But I am trying not to dwell and instead focusing on the fact it will be short lived and soon we will be on to our autumn activities as planned. Today Phoebe and Ezra are playing on Reading Eggs and later we will be setting up a "home cinema" as Phoebe called it, and choosing a film each. Not a lot else we can do when my time is completely taken up by a poorly and very upset baby. Just taking a moment to write this while he is sleeping on my lap. I hope it lasts longer than his earlier nap! Thankful for central heating and blankets, comfy pyjamas, soup to heat up in the fridge, and these few moments of quiet, however short they may be.

Friday, 9 August 2013

August so far

A few of the things we have been up to lately:

The biggest thing has been Ezra turning four! Yay! He had a lovely birthday at legoland. :)

Other things:

Phoebe went to her friend Charlie's house and learnt a bit about volcanos.

Library group in the morning on Wednesdays. Swapped books and talked to the librarians about the books we had read as part of the summer reading challenge. The children then got stickers which they added to their poster to show their progress. Last week we played at the library play area and then walked home via the town park. 

Kite making session at local park so we stopped to make star kites. The children worked very carefully on them and were delighted with them! We flew them home and then after realising we had no food in we walked back out to the high street and had dinner in a pub. :)

Working on some literacy and numeracy work in some Collins workbooks I managed to get in an online sale.

We took a picnic to the local park and ate in the shade and then played giant kerplunk and skittles which had been set up by the council. 

We went to the museum for one of their activity sessions and made a Celtic board game each (Fidchell) including the clay playing pieces. We looked around the museum for a while before heading home. 

We made imprints in play dough of seashells and poured in plaster of Paris to make "fossils" - idea taken from my lovely friend Sam. :)

Dropped off some experiment bags we made up as part of a science swap. Soon we will have 20 different experiments to do ready made up in little kits! Exciting!

Lots of mundane jobs like food shopping and housework but also lots of play

We travelled over for our nephew's fourth birthday celebrations! The children had fun playing with their cousin and his friends and seeing Grandma, Grandpa, Auntie Nicola and Uncle John - there was even a bouncy castle. :) Happy Birthday Rocco!

We went to legoland for the day for Ezra's fourth birthday and met Auntie Lynsey there. Great day! We especially loved the pirate show.

Lots of art and painting and writing notes and reading books and listening to audio books. Phoebe loves The BFG and Ezra loves Pinocchio.

Having so much summer fun!

Sunday, 21 July 2013


Hello and welcome to our new home on the web. I am hoping to write far more often here and share what we are up to. It is nice to see you here. I have imported the whole blog from its previous location as I didn't want to say goodbye to 6 years worth of posts. Its funny how much we have all grown and changed over time. Please excuse the basic and slightly wonky look of the blog for now but I hope to work on it when I have a litle more time. Thank you for stopping by. :)

Friday, 19 July 2013

Mama Luna

Last night I looked at the moon. It could end there. I actually saw the moon for the first time in weeks... Months even? How did I neglect myself so badly that I haven't even had time... Made time... to look up at the stars and that beautiful round wonder that is our moon. I find such spiritual nourishment from just five minutes in the dark gazing up at her. Such beauty reminds me of how much there is to be amazed by and grateful for in the world. Thankful for yet another day to bask in the awesomeness of this planet we call home, our Mother Earth.

I read yesterday a Buddhist saying - what you allow to happen will continue. I must not allow this to continue, at least not on these dry warm nights. I cannot go to bed without allowing myself at least a few minutes of connection with my deeper self and the universe. Five minutes with Mama Luna can surely be spared, five minutes to bask in her glow and contemplate the miracle of life and the infinite wonders of the universe.

Tonight, when the littles are finally asleep I promise to myself I will step outside and say hello to her again. Hello, I've missed you.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Day book for June

Outside my window... The sun is shining down and through the cracks in the curtains brightly. We still have them drawn as Elijah is teething and tearful so all my time has been taken so far with soothing him. 

I am thinking... About The White Queen. I watched the first episode last night and really enjoyed it. It has made me realise how much I love reading and that I should make a little space each day to read and write. Philippa Gregory novels here I come!

I am thankful... That Elijah has at last fallen asleep for his first nap. That I am feeling better than I have been. That we had a restful weekend.

In the kitchen... I just made simple egg/banana pancakes (thanks to a friend's Instagram feed), Elijah has littered Riverford recipe leaflets around, and I am wondering if I can keep him asleep on my shoulder while I make a cup of tea.

I am wearing... My pyjamas still. Comfy soft maroon top and checked bottoms. I defy anyone with a teething baby and two older children to feed, clothe and assist to be dressed before 10am!

I am creating... A tiny baby hat in the softest merino wool ever. It is a pale light green, the pattern is my go to baby hat - the umbilical cord hat from Stitch n Bitch. Also a cute pink crochet bear for my cousin's sweet little girl who just turned one. It's a little late but I hope to get finished today.... Hmm.... Well, maybe!
I am also cutting out bits to start art journaling. Hope to do that with the kids. So much fun!

I am going... camping later in the week in a friend's woods! She has organised a gathering of families to stay for a night and have a bonfire and BBQ. So looking forward to it!

I am wondering... When my blood test results will come back. Just checking a few things as I have felt not myself for some time. Hoping for the all clear and then I may have to do private allergy testing.

I am reading... Well, I am hoping to finish a few books. I am nearly done with Project Based Homeschooling, The Dance of the Dissident Daughter and a number of other books. I am a serial starter-but-take-ages-to-finish-er! I am wanting now to make time for reading each day, even just a few minutes.

I am hoping... The weather stays nice. I manage to make reasonable meals today. My results are normal. My mum feels better soon (very bad back pain). Elijah wakes refreshed and happy!

I am looking forward to... Cosy chats around the bonfire. Reading. More knitting in seized moments. Making ladybirds with Ezra later. Reading Phoebe's story - The Mysterious Mermaid!

I am learning... To control my frustration through a difficult season in our family life. To go easy on myself. I am alone with the three children for 11 hours a day. Elijah is an intense baby. It's tough! But love smoothes over all the bumps and i am glimpsing an inner peace that I am feeling on a deeper level than before.

Around the house... Are various child & mama projects. We are looking forward to working on some later after paddington. We really want to start on sorting out the boys room too. So far it's just mess as they sleep in with us but we'd like it to be usable as a playroom. :)

I am pondering... How my sister & brother in law are getting on with the nursery for their little one - due November. I'm excited. :)

A favorite quote for today... "Let your life speak" (quaker saying)

One of my favorite things... Is chai syrup. I'm tempted to make some today - the sugar content means its a really rare treat!

A few plans for the rest of the week: 

Library group, followed by a little learning session we have with friends, tomorrow.
Sports group, followed by camping Thursday.
Ladybird making, story writing, reading, trip to the allotment, some science experiments if we have time!

A peek into my day...

Monday, 24 June 2013


We have been...

Working on the allotment.

Sitting up on our own.

Listening to live music.

Riding the teacups!

Making marshmallow sculptures.

Playing with letters.

Receiving a beautiful gift from my sister & brother in law. Thank you! I love it!

Saying hello to ducks.

Playing at parks.

Writing independently.

Exploring a nature reserve.



Loving. :)