Friday, 19 October 2012

On Socialisation

Just want to share this great article - "No Thank You. We Don't Believe in Socialization" - in case you are a Home Educator who hasn't come across it before, or a friend or family member who has pondered that often asked question "But what about socialisation?". I can understand why people new to the concept of Home Ed are confused about this but when you think about it the answer is really very obvious, and it is a sort of running joke within the community that our children really don't need to learn this skill.

It is fair to say that my particular family don't see a range of other children as often as we would like at the moment, but that is circumstantial and their "social skills" (cringe) are not affected by this. In fact, I love that my 5 year old thinks of the elderly man next door as a friend to talk to, happily shows her art to her friend's dad independently and looks forward to playing with Isabella, who just turned two. She is great at talking to people, whatever their age!
Anyway, here is the article:

Hope you enjoy it!

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