Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Day Seventeen ::: My life as worship

Quiet time to myself listening to interviews from The Organic Sister's Organic Parenting Course.

Knitting one last thing for baby

Making squash and apple soup for lunch

Bump gazing

I have decided it is time to switch off now. I have really enjoyed playing along and will continue to do so in my journal or my head before bed each night. But for now I feel the need to go within and prepare for baby's birth. I might post the odd picture, or I might not, but I am removing all obligation from myself. For this reason I likely won't be around on Instagram or Facebook either. I need to nest and be fully centred in myself. Rooted. Grounded.

Thank you for all the kind gifts and wishes I have received. They are so very appreciated.

Laura xxx


  1. will be thinking of you as you nest. I am sure you are going to be fabulous. Much love and positive birthy vibrations, blessings and other goodly mama stuff.


    1. Thank you Rose, and I would love to meet up with you by the way. Will be in touch in a few weeks when we are settled with baby. :) xx