Monday, 1 October 2012

Day One ::: My life as worship

This evening I came across a post on the blog Milagro girl which really resonated with me.

The post can be found here and is entitled My life as worship.
She talks about how there can be beauty and divinity in everything and invites readers to share three things each day that have meaning and are symbolic of life as worship.

I don't think of myself as a religious person. I don't believe in a god in the sense that most religions use it. But I am spiritual and i believe we are living in a web of interconnected energy and love. I am probably closest to being Pagan or Buddhist but have also felt drawn to the Quakers. I am not sure where my soul resides yet, what my beliefs are aligned to - if any particular place fits - but I am enjoying reading and exploring and the journey of finding out.

For the month of October I am aiming to join in with this challenge by posting three photos everyday which hold special meaning for me. I will do this on Instagram (#mylifeasworship) but will try to remember to blog them too.

Here are today's pictures:

Night time reading

   Beautiful Moon 

Autumn Nature Table
 Is anyone else joining in with Milagro Girl?


  1. Oh, beautiful, yes mama I will walk alongside you and share the song of your soul. I probably won't manage to blog along, but I journal three things a day already (thanks to that precious pearl of a book you are reading there)! :) I'll just put today's up on facebook. xx

  2. Thank you lovely lady. I'll enjoy popping over to Facebook in a little while to see your special gifts from today. I was journaling gratitudes regularly but it has fallen by the wayside and I am keen to reinstate it. :) hoping this will kick start me. So important to recognise my blessings and the gifts bestowed upon us daily! xx

  3. I think the 'small' but significant blessings each day can be lost under a mountain of worry and stress, so its a good idea to dig them out. I expect you can go to bed a little lighter having focused on the good.

  4. Thanks Val. It's really nice to be reminding myself of all those sweet little moments in the day that might otherwise be lost in the race to "get through it all", to feel the many mini blessings we have, as well as the bigger ones like a loving family. :) xx

  5. how wonderful. I'm similar to you - closest match would be buddhism and paganism but not 100% of either and certainly not thinking of myself as religious, spiritual yes ... finding the sacred in each day is a wonderful practice ... I may join you if I may?

    Love and light X

  6. I have this beautiful book, I really need to start writing a journal again, it does remind you of those lovely little insignificant things :) xx

  7. Rose, so lovely to hear you are joining in. :) we certainly do sound similar. x

    Sue, I find gratitude journaling so therapeutic. A lovely practice. :) x