Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Day Nine ::: My life as worship

A gorgeous package from the lovely Jacqui of thebarefootcrofter.com. :) Thank you! Once more feeling blessed and knowing that I am thought of as I walk the last stages of my pregnancy. The shell is for my birthing necklace. :)

My birth pool being filled earlier! Delivered and set up by my friend Shona of Barefoot Birth Pools. A perk of having one of your closest friends running a birth pool hire company! It is heated and filtered so once it has reached temperature in a few hours it will be good to go whenever I need it! Yay!

Seasonal goodness! Yum!

Finally flopping on the sofa and getting unexpectedly trapped by a little fairy with glitter in her hair who wanted a cuddle and couldn't stay awake any longer!

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