Thursday, 11 October 2012

Day Eleven ::: My life as worship

Enjoying time at Natural Parenting Club. Looking at slings and seeing friends.

Lunch in town with a friend and her little ones. A rare treat. Cakes gifted to us by some kind ladies from another table.

Phoebe choosing shoes and watching her face light up when I thanked her for being so kind and helpful today.

New boots for me! My feet will be warm again. Yay!

Ezra's unique taste. He adores brightly coloured things and was unimpressed with the boys shoes section today. I don't blame him!

A brief but good talk with my husband tonight. Feeling clearer on a few things. Baby steps towards making plans.

Excitement (as always) about baby coming and spending time thinking about names.

A wonderful day.

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  1. much love to you and the way you inspired me to keep simple grateful notes from every day blessings. x