Saturday, 27 October 2012

Still here

Sharing some pictures of the past week.

The drawings are Ezra's - a house and a flying penguin!

Feeling very ready for this baby.

Whenever it wants to arrive is fine by us.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012


Today is baby's due date. I saw my midwife who confirmed all was well and that she is looking forward to attending our home water birth, if she can! She sounded very excited - I don't think they get the chance all that often.

I have received more post from lovely Anna and Sue - more beads to thread. Thank you so much ladies! I am about to re-thread my necklace in a moment. Lovely cards too, and I have used the mail I got to adorn the walls by my birth pool. So inspiring!

The picture if Ezra grinning is from when he mischievously sat in the bidet! Yes, we have a bidet! Lol. It came with the house - we clean it but don't use it so I have no qualms about him getting in! Lol

There is also a picture of my cankles when I couldn't do my boots up! And my embroidery threads which I got a sudden nesting urge to sort out!

Just a few pictures of our last few days.

We are all hoping baby makes an appearance soon! :)

Friday, 19 October 2012

On Socialisation

Just want to share this great article - "No Thank You. We Don't Believe in Socialization" - in case you are a Home Educator who hasn't come across it before, or a friend or family member who has pondered that often asked question "But what about socialisation?". I can understand why people new to the concept of Home Ed are confused about this but when you think about it the answer is really very obvious, and it is a sort of running joke within the community that our children really don't need to learn this skill.

It is fair to say that my particular family don't see a range of other children as often as we would like at the moment, but that is circumstantial and their "social skills" (cringe) are not affected by this. In fact, I love that my 5 year old thinks of the elderly man next door as a friend to talk to, happily shows her art to her friend's dad independently and looks forward to playing with Isabella, who just turned two. She is great at talking to people, whatever their age!
Anyway, here is the article:

Hope you enjoy it!

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Day Seventeen ::: My life as worship

Quiet time to myself listening to interviews from The Organic Sister's Organic Parenting Course.

Knitting one last thing for baby

Making squash and apple soup for lunch

Bump gazing

I have decided it is time to switch off now. I have really enjoyed playing along and will continue to do so in my journal or my head before bed each night. But for now I feel the need to go within and prepare for baby's birth. I might post the odd picture, or I might not, but I am removing all obligation from myself. For this reason I likely won't be around on Instagram or Facebook either. I need to nest and be fully centred in myself. Rooted. Grounded.

Thank you for all the kind gifts and wishes I have received. They are so very appreciated.

Laura xxx

Day Sixteen ::: My life as worship

Watching my sweet son nap for the first time in ages

Starting to crochet a rainbow scarf for my rainbow girl

Den building in the curtains

Sensory play with shaving foam

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Day Fifteen ::: My life as worship


Nourishing simple meals

The honour of spending my days with these little people

Rest - however and whenever I can get it (picture of me sleeping by Phoebe)

Sending out light to all those families that need it in honour of Infant Loss Remembrance Day. Thinking of friends and sending love xx

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Day Fourteen ::: My life as worship

New leggings for a happy Phoebe (and trousers for a less fussed Ezra)

Antipasti for me - pregnancy craving!

My birthing corner, bathed in light and waiting

Strange tea to try

My pixie boy

Finally finishing the pilot hat for baby