Monday, 10 September 2012

Some lovely stuff!

Last week I was picked on lovely home ed mama Motherfunker's blog to win a package of goodies! I told her what I enjoyed about her blog. Its a very interesting read so do head over there if you haven't been there before! :)
Here is picture of my package, beautifully wrapped in he cutest fabric! Thank you so much Paula for this little lot, and we especially love the angel suncatcher which is now in our living room, brighening our days!

I also wanted to add that Motherfunker (aka Paula Cleary) also writes for Juno Magazine and EOS (Education Outside of School) and I was really surprised when I began to read the latest issue of EOS this afternoon to see my blog featured in it's pages!
Thank you very much to my friend Paula again, and also my lovely friend Lorena, who is co-editor of EOS. If you have wandered over to my blog from EOS then "Hello!" I am pleased to meet you. :)

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  1. You so deserve these goodies - I love where you have hung up your angel :-) Laura, I totally admire and look up to you as a parent and as a thoughtful conscientious soul - Keep on rockin', mama! XxX