Monday, 3 September 2012

On sending and receiving mail

The pictures in this post show some of the mail I received this past few days. I love the magazine (I'm a subscriber) and the chocolates I won (from - they are handmade by but the best mail of all is the hand written, the sent with love, the "I thought of you" letters and cards from friends. The card and birthing bead below was sent by a kind and generous mama that I first "met" through the Green Parent Forum. Thank you Denise! xxx

So I have been reflecting on my slowness in sending mail myself and my inability to just get it posted! I am carrying some guilt on this. I posted a couple of small letters last week but I have a bigger package for a friend sat in my hall (it's been there for two weeks!) waiting for Phoebe to finish a letter to go inside. I received such a lovely parcel from this friend and wanted to return the love. And I must apologise to the lovely Anna who has been so so generous to me, gifting me with two very special things, and I still cannot get organised to send something back. But I will!

So this is my effort at accountability! I really do want to post lovely happy mail back and in order to do that I need a system and I need to prioritise it. I know there is enough time! This is my public declaration that I intend to prioritise sending some love to friends and family in the time before baby is born.

I have really really appreciated the heartfelt and beautiful mail I have received and would like to thank everyone who has blessed me with a letter or parcel. Love to you all xxx


  1. I find it hard to get things to the post office too, but I'm getting better because I would hate to leave paying customers waiting! :S

  2. The parcel waiting is for you Sarah! I'm so sorry! Phoebe won't let me send it as she is making a card to go in but then she isn't finishing the card either! We'll get it done this week! xx

  3. Haha don't worry about it, relax mama! :) Mail is lovely, and very forgiving if a response is slow or a parcel is held on to for another week while something else finds its way into it. :)

    I'm loving sending parcels at the moment, because I'm having to go frequently for customers I make up extra bits or a "proper letter" to send to a friend at the same time. :)

  4. Now call me cheeky, but I am having a terrible skin break out, so if you have time to peek at the herbal acne treatment, and pass it on, I would be really interested :)