Monday, 10 September 2012

Letting it go

If I look a bit less than happy in these pictures it's because I am. Or rather I was.
This is what happens when you go to the hairdresser's with two children in tow and ask for shoulder length hair with long layers.
I was too busy watching my little ones through the hair that had been brushed over my eyes and didn't notice how short it had been cut!
After I went home and felt a bit angry, then a bit tearful... I even sobbed... But now I am getting used to my new hair and accepting that life doesn't always go to plan. There is a lesson for me somewhere in there.
It might not be what I wanted, or asked for, but it is a good cut. It's not wonky or uneven, and I am at least grateful for that. So I am letting go of what I cannot change and moving on. - something I wish I could also say of life in general at the moment. Still, I am trying, learning that nothing much happens fast and yes, maybe as cliched as it sounds, good things come to those who wait.


  1. You look beautiful mama. It isn't what you wanted, but it *is* very much like the funky short cut you put up on Pinterest! (hugs) I'm sure it will take some getting used to. xxx

  2. It looks lovely :). You are brave to go with two children, I haven't been for ages as I cannot face it with mine and my dh is always away.

  3. You look lovely Laura.. I know what it's like to be sad about a haircut (a dodgy perm in the 1980s comes back to me with horror!!!).. so maybe this doesn't help, but really, it looks so nice.

  4. It looks beautiful and I think it really suits you but yes a big difference and will take you a bit to get used to. I Love the cut!

  5. This looks to me like a haircut that you can be playful with - tied up and pretty pretty with lovely bits to frame your face :-) At least you can tie it up - mine's too short and I keep thinking ooooh but this is not me, I don't look like myself. Yet I AM still myself and you are still you! It always feels most severe the first week till the whole thing softens and you get used to it :-) xxx

  6. I was admiring your haircut today and never actually got the chance to compliment you! I was talking and listening with you and a voice in my head saying "oo Laura's had a lovely haircut!"
    I think it looks lovely and next time I'll let my head voice butt in !!
    Sam xx