Friday, 28 September 2012

Catching up

I have been a bit down recently, struggling with daily life. Mainly caused by feeling very tired and having back and hip pain, and the relentless nausea. If I am honest all I wanted to do was sleep and maybe read in bed. Rest. But that is a very rare occurrence right now.
I have also found the frustration of having a house on the market during late pregnancy hard - I want to move now! And i don't want to get down on the floor picking up yet another spill. and i want company more than i can realistically have. But I can't and must be patient. So I nest here.

I am happy to say I am feeling much better and life is just feeling better and better, though not without its hard work and struggles to live mindfully. There is so much good though - so much! And I must pay attention to it, document it, record it, lest it slips through my fingers!

What a difference a bit more sleep and a change in routine makes!

So here are a few catch up photos of life since I last blogged.

Ezra preparing to go out on the Autumn Equinox

Makes: a boot gnome, blackboards (at a HE craft group in Herts - the face drawing is Ezra's!)

Making books


The earmuff monster!


A tired Phoebe falling asleep fully clothed after a really busy day! I think she was even mid sentence!

I hope to be back soon to chart more of our life and remind myself of the numerous numerous good things! Happiness is a choice, may I always strive to choose it!


  1. Love the drawings, my little guys drawings are starting to look like 'things' and so I am loving seeing childrens artwork every place. The baby seems to be cooking nicely lol

  2. Beautiful photo's lovely mama, try and let go of things if you can. We had our house up for sale for 18 months, right in the middle of the resesion! I got sick and tired of constant cleaning and tidying only to show people round who would whinge about the silliest of things :(
    It made me realise that I love our house but wish it was more rural in a like minded community so we took it off the market to think more about how to achieve our dream. It will happen one day when the universe tells us we are ready :)
    Love to you xx