Friday, 28 September 2012

Today we...

Made pancakes
Worked on Phoebe's "All about me" book
Did some painting
Played with sticker books and activity books
Danced to music, adding in ribbons
Did some colouring
Went on a bike ride to the shops
Danced to Woody Guthrie in the kitchen while we heated soup and rolls
Had an indoor picnic
Played playdough
More ribbon dancing
Asked questions - what is really hard or impossible to cut? Discussion of wood vs metal.
Played target games
Did some role play with rowing boats & fishing nets
Fixed things with masking tape
Finished dream catchers we started at yesterday's Natural Learning Club. Thank you Sam B! :)
Had fun bike riding & playing with friends in the garden

A happy autumn day!

“I cannot endure to waste anything so precious as autumnal sunshine
by staying in the house.”
~ Nathaniel Hawthorne

Catching up

I have been a bit down recently, struggling with daily life. Mainly caused by feeling very tired and having back and hip pain, and the relentless nausea. If I am honest all I wanted to do was sleep and maybe read in bed. Rest. But that is a very rare occurrence right now.
I have also found the frustration of having a house on the market during late pregnancy hard - I want to move now! And i don't want to get down on the floor picking up yet another spill. and i want company more than i can realistically have. But I can't and must be patient. So I nest here.

I am happy to say I am feeling much better and life is just feeling better and better, though not without its hard work and struggles to live mindfully. There is so much good though - so much! And I must pay attention to it, document it, record it, lest it slips through my fingers!

What a difference a bit more sleep and a change in routine makes!

So here are a few catch up photos of life since I last blogged.

Ezra preparing to go out on the Autumn Equinox

Makes: a boot gnome, blackboards (at a HE craft group in Herts - the face drawing is Ezra's!)

Making books


The earmuff monster!


A tired Phoebe falling asleep fully clothed after a really busy day! I think she was even mid sentence!

I hope to be back soon to chart more of our life and remind myself of the numerous numerous good things! Happiness is a choice, may I always strive to choose it!

Saturday, 15 September 2012

This week

Playing with Isabella
Huge playdough session
Nature Detectives
Dolly making
Education City on the laptop
Enjoying the "warm spots" - autumn sunshine!
Colourful art

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Monday, 10 September 2012

Letting it go

If I look a bit less than happy in these pictures it's because I am. Or rather I was.
This is what happens when you go to the hairdresser's with two children in tow and ask for shoulder length hair with long layers.
I was too busy watching my little ones through the hair that had been brushed over my eyes and didn't notice how short it had been cut!
After I went home and felt a bit angry, then a bit tearful... I even sobbed... But now I am getting used to my new hair and accepting that life doesn't always go to plan. There is a lesson for me somewhere in there.
It might not be what I wanted, or asked for, but it is a good cut. It's not wonky or uneven, and I am at least grateful for that. So I am letting go of what I cannot change and moving on. - something I wish I could also say of life in general at the moment. Still, I am trying, learning that nothing much happens fast and yes, maybe as cliched as it sounds, good things come to those who wait.

Some lovely stuff!

Last week I was picked on lovely home ed mama Motherfunker's blog to win a package of goodies! I told her what I enjoyed about her blog. Its a very interesting read so do head over there if you haven't been there before! :)
Here is picture of my package, beautifully wrapped in he cutest fabric! Thank you so much Paula for this little lot, and we especially love the angel suncatcher which is now in our living room, brighening our days!

I also wanted to add that Motherfunker (aka Paula Cleary) also writes for Juno Magazine and EOS (Education Outside of School) and I was really surprised when I began to read the latest issue of EOS this afternoon to see my blog featured in it's pages!
Thank you very much to my friend Paula again, and also my lovely friend Lorena, who is co-editor of EOS. If you have wandered over to my blog from EOS then "Hello!" I am pleased to meet you. :)

Days at home

Here are a few of the things that have been filling our days lately here at "Rainbow Homeschool" as Phoebe has called it!

* Painting on bubble wrap and taking prints - this is Ezra's tractor *

* Birthday tea parties *

* Science experiments - this is a colour wheel absorption experiment *

* Bedtime stories and a growing bump *

* A new interactive globe! Lots of fun *

 * Art in all it's many varied forms *

* A little boy who copied over his name! *

* Playing with texture matching blocks *

* More art pictures - thank you blogger for the srtange photo order! *

* Giggles... and a new photo app! *

* Role play games *

* More happy mail days - jewellery handmade by the lovely Polly.  I treated myself at *

So much more to share. We are really enoying these last few days of summer!
I hope you are too!