Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Things I am loving

The way Ezra follows us round going "Hotter... Hotter... Hotter" when we are looking for something we have misplaced.

Baby knits (& crochet)


Playing hairdressers

Phoebe's dance shows in the living room


Phoebe telling me of her plan to marry a prince.

Ezra telling Phoebe he is going to marry her.

Anticipation of a new resource - a much reduced interactive globe!

Packaging up a parcel for a friend in the hope of bringing a smile

A certain little boy thinking it is the funniest thing ever to copy me... and joke about doing a poo in the cupboards!


  1. Your baby makes are adorable! Really well done, mama. :) As always, so great to see inside your lives. xx

  2. Aw, this post made me smile! Totally in awe of your knitting & crochet skills!!

  3. Those mama made knits/crochets are gorgeous!!

    Alice x