Wednesday, 8 August 2012

More Gifts

I am so so blessed. Today I want to share pictures of some more gifts I have received. I am very lucky to count some amazing mamas as friends.
This week we got a parcel from my lovely friend Sarah. She sent a book each for the children and some pearls and a bead for me. I think I will add them all to my birthing necklace and hang it up somewhere to inspire me in dull moments. She also sent me a beautiful incense burner - though I must confess I didn't recognise that's what it was until she said. It is so pretty! I just looked at the lovely leaf and tucked it away somewhere safe "for now" away from little hands. I do love to burn incense, especially in the evenings and this is far nicer than what I am currently using. Thank you so much dear Sarah for the wonderful parcel. It really brightened our day! xxx

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