Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Loving Handmade

Today a good friend asked me if I could make something for her as a kind of commission, a gift for her niece. I was kind of sad to say i didn't have time right now as I was making a cardigan for a friend's babe due imminently, and also had a queue of projects I wanted to make as gifts, ending in things for my own babe (who has nothing mama made as yet!). Another good friend has said she thinks she can do it, but it gave me the idea to post on here (and to my local natural parenting club) about some wonderfully crafty people I know who do make things to sell and who I would like to recommend.  So if you are after something handmade here are a few people who might be able to help:

The Yarn Cave - Funky crocheted and knitted goodies and now cross stitch patterns too. This is my sister's etsy shop. :) She has sold fox scarves to people all over the world! Very talented lady (must be the genes ;)

Arwen Makes - My dear friend Sarah makes clothing for children of all ages, toys, and hand dyed wool and roving too. Oh and playsilks, which i can personally say are just gorgeous as we have several! She takes commissions too.

MamaPixie - Lovely Emi of Crafty by Nurture sews beautiful cloaks and hand dyes playsilks, and whips up a whole lot more besides. She also does custom orders.

MamaMake - Is Emi's partner in crime on Crafty by Nurture and makes very cute baby stuff!

Aisling Designs - is home to an eclectic mix of crafts, but I especially love the look of her bunting, which she makes to order. :)

Vintagalia  - Debbie offers vintage and vintage inspired items for your home and is multi-talented - she sews, quilts, knits and now spins too. :) Her lovely blog is here.

Creative Rainbow Mama - beautiful rainbow soul art by Lucy Pearce.

I have probably missed a few people. I'm sure I know more. But this is the list for now.  Happy shopping! :)


  1. Thank you so much for the recommendation. I've got ideas for fairytale bunting too, but just got to find the time to do it!!

  2. Just had a catch up with your blog. Wowsers, there's some magic goin' on here. yay! made me smile xx