Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Last week

Here are some pictures from last week. Things have changed a little since my last blog post. I hope to write about that later, but thank you for your kind words and thoughts. It gave me a kind of strength when I was feeling confused and unsure of the way ahead.

We have been enjoying the sunshine here and playing outside a lot. I finished a cardigan for a friend's baby who has recently arrived (I am so excited to meet her! :) but have decided it is far too wooly and hot for a summer babe! So I am now working on a crochet cardigan in cotton but that seems not quite light and soft enough for a newborn so I may be casting on yet again!

Today we are off to see friends and play in the park. Wishing you all a wonderful Wednesday.


  1. Beautiful. Oh how I love your sweet little family, mama, you are so precious. It will all be just perfect. It will.

    (I hope the book is great, I just ordered that one too!) xxx

  2. Gorgeously beautiful bump pics :)
    Please could you let me know what you thought of the book, it looks really interesting xx

  3. Thank you mamas! :)

    Sue, I am loving the book so far. Really good for practical direction ideas for projects and a reminder to facilitate just the right amount! Sarah, I hope you are enjoying it too! What do you think? :)

  4. reading through your blog and was so surprised and happy to see my book! :D

    love seeing the lovely authentic art you do with your children. you have a beautiful family.