Sunday, 29 July 2012

Our week in pictures

Making spongy balls to play with in the garden - thanks
Watching our caterpillars grow! Exciting!
Nappy washing
Jolly Phonics activity book with Phoebe - I had held off and let her learn letters naturally as she was interested but this now feels so very her. She loved it. :) I'm glad I waited.
Making and eating grapesicles!
Setting up and using a Montessori activity - transferring pompoms with giant tweezers. Ezra really enjoys this. I am enjoying reading Montessori At Home by John Bowman. Highly recommend! :)
Lots of outdoor fun and indoor fun when it gets too hot.
Ezra and I made granola (which he loves) on our own while Phoebe played at a friend's house! This was a first!
I made a Montessori activity jar.
Watched our chickens chilling in the sun.
A bit of origami.

I hope the pictures load in the right order. If not, apologies! :)

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