Sunday, 29 July 2012

Our week in pictures

Making spongy balls to play with in the garden - thanks
Watching our caterpillars grow! Exciting!
Nappy washing
Jolly Phonics activity book with Phoebe - I had held off and let her learn letters naturally as she was interested but this now feels so very her. She loved it. :) I'm glad I waited.
Making and eating grapesicles!
Setting up and using a Montessori activity - transferring pompoms with giant tweezers. Ezra really enjoys this. I am enjoying reading Montessori At Home by John Bowman. Highly recommend! :)
Lots of outdoor fun and indoor fun when it gets too hot.
Ezra and I made granola (which he loves) on our own while Phoebe played at a friend's house! This was a first!
I made a Montessori activity jar.
Watched our chickens chilling in the sun.
A bit of origami.

I hope the pictures load in the right order. If not, apologies! :)

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Monday, 23 July 2012


On Friday we tested things to see if they rolled. Then we found some things around the house that were magnetic. Lastly we played "Float or Sink?" and had lots of fun!

Waldorf doll love

This beautiful doll was made by our lovely friend Sam for Phoebe when Ezra was born. It's actually become Ezra's doll and he adores it. I am hoping to make it some clothes so it can look more of a boy. I've found most dolls clothes to buy are very girlie. Just wanted to share these photos as you can see how much he loves his special baby. :)

Sunday snapshots

Pool play

On a hot day (at last)!

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Bump update

24 and 25 weeks. :)

Scenes from yesterday

Monday's blessings shone through like the long awaited sunshine. If only it was still here today. Greyness is permeating everything today but I am endeavouring to stay sunny on the inside.

Photos include Ezra's drawings of Nanny and Grandad and his "dancing egg" and our first Cultural Exchange package, which arrived from Arizona. Yay!

I have a whole load of fantastic holiday photos but no time to share just now so they will have to wait for another time. I have a tendency to think I can't blog until I am "up to date" but then I might never get round to it so here we go. I'll blog anyway. Off now to sort out today's fun! :)