Sunday, 17 June 2012

Project Happiness

I have come to realise over the past week that I'm actually feeling quite depressed at the moment. I don't want to dwell on it in this space, and I realise that I have many many things to be grateful for. So instead I am focusing on "Project Happiness". I am not sure exactly what this looks like yet but I know it will include:

  • Re-starting my gratitude journal (daily)
  • Uplifting reading and listening to inspiring talks (World's Biggest Summit etc)
  • Keeping in touch with people (I now have a fully functioning phone again!)
  • Being creative ~ making art, journalling, writing, photography
  • Meditation, stillness, solitude
  • Eating what I feel like (the nausea went but has returned!)
  • Time in nature (we have our garden but wilder places are hard for me to get to)
  • Planning more fun things to do with my children and as a family (pinterest is very useful for this)

I realise this seems like a big list, and I can't do everything every day, but carving out little pockets of time each day to do at least one thing from my list I am sure will help a lot. I think the weather and lack of sun is definitely playing a part in my feelings, along with a number of other factors. I am hoping we will soon be due some sunshine! Next weekend we are off on holiday so I think the break and change of scenery will be good for my soul. Can't wait to be in Devon. The west country is my spiritual home and where my husband was raised so we hope to move there one day.

I am off for now to make lunch and get on with house jobs but I'm hoping to find a little time to organise my knitting projects later and find a couple of fun activities for the week. We are quite busy this week anyway and then there's the packing! :)

I will leave you with a few pictures from the Green Parent Camp (which made me very happy!). I miss you all! xx

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Sorry for the break...

Just a note to say I broke my phone over a week ago and so can't take any pics or instagram or even use the internet easily. Hoping to get a new phone as I was due an upgrade and then I will be back! Really miss sharing my photos and keeping up to date with friends and their blogs.

We have just come back from a wonderful weekend with some lovely families from the Green Parent forum and we all feel totally blissed out by it. Despite the rain on Sunday it was a great weekend.
There are pictures here and I do have our own pictures to blog with soon as we took the big camera! We miss you all already!

Hoping for normal blogging to resume shortly. :)