Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Inspiring Blog Alert: FIMBY

I have been recently reading a new blog (new to me anyway) called FIMBY, which stands for Fun In My Backyard. You can find it at: http://fimby.tougas.net/

Renee Tougas' website is a mine of information on homemaking and homeschooling. I found her blog a while ago but totally forgot and then rediscovered it through the Whole Food Kitchen course that I did. I want to say thank you again to my lovely friend Anna who gifted me a place on that course. The info is all printed out, and I have read through it all and used a few recipes. Baby steps and all that. I am very grateful to Anna, and would also recommend the course to anyone wanting to transition to a more holistic whole foods way of eating.

Anyway, I really like FIMBY and found a lot of the posts very useful for ideas and inspiration on he home management front. No to manage my children's time (as I have recently said) but mine in keeping on top of what needs to be done each day. I waned to share a few of the posts here:

Homemaking and Homeschooling

Time Management for Homeschoolers (including useful printables)

Weekly Block Planning

Defining priorities to make a family schedule

Managing your kitchen and your children's education

Making time for mama to craft and sew

I would also like to take the time to recommend Renee's book Nurturing Creativity: A Guide for Busy Moms which I have just finished reading and really enjoyed. You can also get it on kindle straight from amazon which I did. I read it on my phone and for £1.95 I really enjoyed both reading it and supporting a fellow SAHM/WAHM. Go take a look. :)


  1. Dear Laura,

    Thank you for your warm FIMBY recommendation. I'm so pleased you have found useful stuff to apply to your own life.

  2. FIMBY is one of my favorite blogs too!

  3. Thank you Renee. I really have found a lot of inspiration in your writing. :)

  4. Just seen this, bless you Laura, you are so welcome! I have printed everything too, still lots to read but we've loved all the recipes we've tried so far! I love Renee's blog too, between her and Bliss Beyond Naptime I get my Canada fix, would so love to live there one day. xx

  5. I love Bliss Beyond Naptime too. ;)
    HAlfway through The Bliss Filled Mama right now. :D xx

  6. Have you seen her giveaway for her Simplicity parenting ecourse, enter quick, I think it closes in a few hours! x