Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Gratitudes :: 23rd May

These beautiful little people

A great day at a country park


Doing puzzles with Ezra and Phoebe

Good friends

Lovely maternity clothes from a kind hearted mama

A "new" old chest of drawers to solve my clothing storage problem

Visits from Russ' parents, and mine

New friends, and potential friends

Vivid dreams that bring clarity and direction to my life

Inspirational teachers and speakers

My new e-books

Birthday money from generous family members with which I was able to get new books

My yarn stash

New pens - yes I am a geek, uniball eye in black is the only pen I actually *want* to write with

Ben Howard - specifically the song and video "Old Pine" which has prompted a change of heart in my husband over a future move

Our flexible sleeping arrangements

The film "Get Vegucated"

The Unschooling Summit

My latest rearrange which gave me a set of shelves for my food and home education books

A tidy spare room - no more "messy room" - hooray!

Anticipation of camping, a holiday and lots of summer fun!

A little person quietly growing inside me.

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  1. What a lovely list. I with you on the pen geekiness I will only write with a parker biro!