Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Some news...

I think most people are aware by now one way or another but this is the reason for my online absence...

We are expecting another baby!

The third mini-winger (as they have been nicknamed) is due at the end of October. We are all very excited!

I have not been online much for some time as I have been going through my usual all day long morning sickness and just feeling really really tired. I am 13 weeks now so optimistic it might pass soon, but based on past experience it will be about for a while longer.

I am finding myself mentally wanting to start nesting and making baby clothes and getting on with things in the house but feeling too sick and tired to do much beyond basic housework, meal prep and looking after the children. Still, I know it is a phase and my body is doing important work. :)

Taking rest when I can and nurturing my family are priorities now but I am looking forward to spreading my wings soon once the roots of this baby are established and the glowing phase starts!

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  1. Sorry about the sickness, hope it passes soon, yay about the rest of it! You have been in my thoughts lots x