Sunday, 18 March 2012

Fresh air


  1. Little rainbow girl! And when on Earth did Ezra get so big? Are you guys coming to the June camping meet?? (Apologies if I already asked you that!)

  2. I know! How do they grow so quickly? :)
    I am completely out of touch with the GP forum. Been going through a bit of a sticky patch - nothing to do with the children, just living in an area devoid of woodlands, culture and a functioning home ed community! We are all bored and lonely and fed up really. But we're working on solutions.
    I intended to go back on GP last night actually and was thinking of you as I ended up browsing GCM instead. Will go find the camping thread. We are on holiday in June with my family but if we can fit it in we will. It would be great to see you all again! I know Phoebe would love your girls! :)

  3. i am in love with that hat that phoebe is wearing. did you make it?missing you all x

  4. Hi Abi,
    No, that is one I didn't make. It was a Xmas Present from Russ' sister. It's Cath Kidston so they may well do it in adult size too! ;) xx