Wednesday, 22 February 2012

A Little Wednesday Night Rambling

So I have been thinking for the past few days that i wanted to blog and share what we have been up to lately. Its been hard to find the time but i thought i would take a moment now.

Phoebe wrote a book the other day! I will post a couple of pictures from it soon, maybe tonight if i can, but it is a very sweet little story. I wrote it out for her and she illustrated. It is called 'The Butterfly Who Wanted to go to the Fair'. It is her first book. :)

Phoebe is now going to sleep in her own room. I curl up with her on the big double bottom bunk and rub some massage oil onto her arms and legs while we listen to an audio cd together. Her choice is usually James and the Giant Peach, George's Marvellous Medicine or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. She really loves Roald Dahl. We have also been reading A Necklace of Raindrops which she got as a birthday present from her friend Charlie and it is so lovely! We finished it the other night and have since been reading selected stories. Thank you Charlie!

I have been reading a couple of books this week Nella Lasts' War and Both Worlds but have decided they are having an effect on my mood so I have shelves them for a little while. Nella Last's War I bought as a present for my Grandad and it was one of the last books he read before he passed away in October last year. I miss him a lot at the moment and the book reminds me of him each time I read. It is comforting but also maybe causing me to wallow a bit in feelings of loss and childhood passed. I have had a lot of thoughts around this lately and about my children's childhood. Both Worlds is written by a school friend of mine's mum. So it is strange reading and melding together the harsh childhood the 'woman' experienced in the book with the lovely mum who's  house I used to go round to for tea! The combination of these two books (whilst both being fascinating and very readable) has left me feeling a bit bleak, so i am having a break with Goddess Leonie and maybe Momma Zen. Oh and we have also subscribed to Life Learning magazine which I am looking forward to erading when I can!

Knitting wise I have abandoned  Phoebe's dress and really must pick it up again! But i am working on Ezra's Hudson Hat still. Slow progress. i also said I would make a flower for each time Phoebe went to sleep on her own but due to lack of time and having to prioritise other things I owe her about 15 flowers! I suggested felt rather than crochet but she was adamant they should be crochet so i had better get a move on!

I have discovered I am a total rebel when it comes to making plans! I can't remember if I mentioned here but we are vegetarian now (Phoebe's decision and we are joining her) and I have been menu planning each week but its like as soon as anything is planned I have to break it. But i break it happily and joyfully and usually because something more appealing and of similar nutritional value has sprouted in my mind. I surprised myself completely by making lentil chilli the other morning before 10am! You have to seize these opportunities when they arise! Even more of a surprise was that Phoebe ate it and liked it! Woohoo! Ezra... well, Ezra is going through a very tricky stage with food, like Phoebe did (and is still in to some extent but far better now) and is actually mainly prefering to just eat carbs and a few plain veg. We dish up a range of stuff and he always has enough to eat... just not the wet stuff. ;)

Speaking of food, I am very lucky and have a very lovely friend Anna who signed me up for Whole Food Kitchen: An online workshop. I am really excited and delighted about this. I am not getting a chance to do much beyond print each week's materials and read through so far but I am really loving what I am reading and the recipes are interesting and exciting and fresh. So I can see I will use it a lot over the following years, even if i am not immediately able to do as much as I would like. Thank you so much Anna!

I also have another thank you to say to the lovely Mummybear for bringing us six whole bags of clothes for Ezra! She sorted through all of Littlebear's clothes that she had put aside and brought round enough stuff to keep him kitted out for 2-3 years. I am so so grateful for this. They are really lovely clothes and he loves them. Thank you dear friend!

I am currently looking for alternatives to tea in the day. Any suggestions? If i drink too much tea I don't feel good. I have run out of barleycup and I miss it. More from suma next order i think. I have a green smoothie in the morning but just can't bring myself to drink enough water. I really feel the cold and so cold drinks in water don't work for me. I have redbush chai and pukka love tea and several other things but I feel in need of something more creamy and luxurious feeling. The occasional hot chocolate is nice. Any more ideas anyone?

We are trying to start getting out and about again over the next few weeks as we have had a period of hibernation. Our local home ed group is in a bit of turmoil with no venue, but me not driving and living two bus rides from anywhere, well I don't really feel able to be much help right now. I am hoping the issue will be resolved soon so we can start attending again.
There is another smaller lovely group we go to (and I helped set up - well, a teeny bit) which is about to start again after a winter break and we are so looking forward to that! But our Natural Parenting Club is still up and running in its new venue so that's fun and I have also found there is now a La Leche League Peterborough and Peterborough in Transition though I don't think we will be able to get much involved with that due to too much other stuff going on and needing to be home in the evenings for our children.

I really must go to bed. Had an emergency trip to the Doctors this morning as I had an ellergic reaction to something I ate - dried figs or apricots. I suspect the figs. I still feel a bit weird now. My tongue is sore and I'm pretty tired but just wanted to check in and share a bit. Oh and I am so behind on emails and also owe a few letters to people (real snail mail ones) so if its urgent please mail me again but otherwise I will get round to everything as i can. :)

There are a couple more things I wanted to write about but my thoughts are still brewing on the matters so they will have to wait for now.

Goodnight world!


  1. Glad you are liking the wfk stuff, I'm not doing much more than printing out either after a brief dip in the forum at the beginning. Lol to the tea, I'm the same, I tried sneaking us over to decaf but it was just gross and J totally noticed straight away. I only have 3-4 on a bad day but I think I am just so super sensitive to caffeine, my mum drinks it in the evening! I'd be awake all night! Forgot about barley cup, haven't had that for ages, I know what you mean, sometimes herb tea doesn't cut it, or I find the choice is too much to bear! love to you, well done to Phoebe with bedtime! x

  2. Oh how lovely to read all your news. :) I drink a fair bit of decaf tea, and herbal teas too, but can't think of anything creamy... We had a herbal chocolate chai that was nice with milk though (almond especially).

  3. Hope you are feeling better / hugs. I once had a reaction to hazelnuts, and it was horrid.
    I am actually addicted to barleycup - lol. But I do get through a fair few cups of builders tea in the day too.
    Good to hear about P eating lentil chilli!