Sunday, 22 January 2012

Where to blog?

Blogging in two places started out really simple but this week I have ended up posting Yarn Along and {This Moment} on my other blog at and then feeling they would be best posted here on our family blog. After thinking about it, and feeling the edges of the division, I have realised that I want to do most posting here.  I think I will keep my other blog for special musings, my writing when I get the chance to do any  and, well, more of a journal for me. You are welcome to follow me over at Honouring the Wild too, if you will excuse the sporadic posting.

We are in the midst of family illness at the moment - nothing major but Ezra has a sick bug - so we are having a very quiet weekend. He is coping with it very well, and is pretty much his normal self most of  the time, apart from the odd sicky moment. My poor boy. He is sleeping now so I am grabbing this quick moment to myself to fiddle around with my blog banner and get a few bits and pieces done.

Wishing you all a relaxing Sunday. x


  1. I love your banner, Laura. - stunning pictures. I toy with the idea of another blog for more reflective writing, but I find it hard to separate the various parts of my life, also we are so busy, that I only have time for the snapshots just now. Hope you are having a restful day. Xx

  2. Blog wheresoever pleases you lovely lady, and we'll read along and have a virtual cuppa with you. :)

    I know just what you both mean about struggling to find the defined edges of all those interwovens threads of a life.