Sunday, 22 January 2012

Stash busting?

I have a room full of craft supplies I have accumulated over the years. Much has been given to me or picked up very cheaply during sales. Some of it was bought with my children in mind. But my yarn... well, I have many skeins sat there and I am barely knitting right now. I love it, but am somehow not prioritising it, despite the effect it has on my day (and my sanity). So I plan to make 2012 the year I sort out all those craft supplies, and the year that I buy no yarn. When I saw this challenge over at Creating a Family Home I knew it was a good motivator for getting through my stash and making some beautiful things this year! I have also decided to try and join in with Ginny's Yarn Along on Wednesday's to spur me on. After all, it won't be much good if I am taking photos of the same tired old project week after week! So I'll look forward to sharing my knitting progress this year and seeing what others are making too. Please shout if you are also taking part in the challenge! :)


  1. Wonderful idea! I won't promise to buy no yarn, but I did sort through it this morning at 2am when up with a coughing small child, and I have started making plans to use it up!

  2. Yes I'm having a good bash at it too Laura, what a good excuse to get knitting and decluttering all at the same time, fantastic. Looking forward to catching up with your progress on the Yarn Alongs! xx