Monday, 23 January 2012

Monday's magic

Today we were joined by "Catty Ezra" for a while, and also by our fairy godmother.
We coloured, painted, and glittered. We played shops. We watched some Chinese new year celebrations via YouTube - dragon dancing and lion dancing. And a spot of lindyhopping and ballet. Will post my favourite video when I get a chance.
We went to the shops to buy chicken food and bird feed for our garden friends. I also got some beetroot and aubergine from our local shop that I'm pondering what to do with.
This evening I have sat and crocheted Phoebe a little flower, the start of many I hope, to decorate the bunkbeds. I have also been pondering a few things. You know, the usual sudden aha moments, followed by the typical "thanks brain, but what do I do with this information?".
For now though I am off to bed, to dream of Catty Ezra probably. He was, after all, awfully cute!

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