Monday, 16 January 2012

Introducing "FIVE"!

Here she is on the morning of her fifth birthday. Confident, passionate, inspiring. Phoebe has grown so much this past year and these photos captured her perfectly right at that moment. She is rockin' her dance costume, which was one of her birthday presents from us.

I made a princess cake using her dolly. I'm quite pleased with how it came out. It was huge so we shared it a lot and still have quite a bit left. It was chocolate with pink icing (of course).

The biggest surprise for us all was on our swimming trip. Phoebe and Ezra were surprised by Auntie Lynsey and Uncle Andy turning up, and Russ and I were surprised by the sudden huge leap in Phoebe's confidence in the water! She has gone from paddling feet last time to full on doggy paddle with arm bands this time! She loved it! Ezra started out very unsure but was playing in the water by the end. A truly lovely morning.

Happy fifth birthday to my beautiful Phoebe Dot. Watching you grow and learn and laugh and love is an honour. Parenthood is like having the best seat in the house for the greatest show on earth, and watching you shine is such a blessing. We love you sweetheart xxx

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