Friday, 16 December 2011

Something I want to write so I don't forget these little things!

Some Phoebe Talk!

Luana, why so glum?

Mummy, don't touch anything! I'm making it all spic and span!

Do you know what you have to do to live in peace and harmony? Use your talents!

I am rubbing in your kiss mummy so it doesn't disappear.

You have to take care mummy. It's all about balance! (on cleaning)

Mummy! I'm excusing you mummy, please can you do my dress up.

This is made from finest silk. It's from China!

Some Ezra talk:

Doggy. There. (points to ceiling) Doggy. There. Up. (laughing)
Doggy. Blue. There.
(his little joke)

Actually, substitute the word doggy with the word poo and you get another of his jokes! Don't worry, no actual poo involved, purely imaginary from the mind of a two year old!

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