Wednesday, 26 October 2011

A day with friends

Calamity Phoebs - My beautiful free spirited cowgirl! Her future career plan at the moment is to marry Ezra and drive a stagecoach with Calamity Jane.

We had a great time yesterday playing with friends, and their mummies. A much needed diversion from yucky colds and the jobs that need to be done at home. Thank you so much to my lovely friends 'mummybear' ( and 'barefootmummy' ( The lunch was gorgeous veggie chilli and roasted sweet potatoes with salad. We lit a fire and toasted marshmallows. We shared winter spiced punch outside, and talked of family life and of soul nourishment. Our kids ran around and played with a stomp rocket, which was the greatest invention ever to Ezra and the funniest thing ever to little Sonny!
Such a lovely day, and I am so grateful for it!

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  1. I had a truly lovely day too!! Thank you both for coming round. Glad you liked the lunch ( my first recipes from the Mystic cookfire). I do worry for my son though. Phoebe wants to drive a stagecoach, M wants to travel to space and Littlebear wants to be a dog owner lol.