Monday, 22 August 2011

Today I...

Got up and dressed
Fed next door's cat
Played in garden
Made cards
Unloaded dishwasher
Put clothes away
Tidied Phoebe's room
Tidied our room
Emailed our homeopath
Arranged a playdate for tomorrow
Put washing on
Emptied vegbox
Made snack and drink
Read books
Pegged washing
Put another load on
Played on swings
Cut out footprints
Talked to Sam on whatsapp
Supported Ezra in being nappy free
Read more books
Made lunch
Cleared up
Paid windowcleaner
Pegged more washing
Played in garden
Offered Ezra a nap - declined
Read more books
Spoke to my mum on the phone
Made music
Cooked dinner
Got in washing
Tidied the days debris away
Ate with my family
Put Ezra to bed, then Phoebe
Tidied more
Replied to emails
Settled waking child
Started packing for holiday

Sometimes it helps to write it all down and know I am achieving each

1 comment:

  1. Yes it doesn't look so much like "nothing" when you write every single thing down! Looks like life is as full as ever, mama. And those beautiful children just keep on getting bigger. :)