Monday, 11 July 2011

Summer Fun

For the mama : some new clothes...

This gorgeous teeskirt was custom made for me by Em Falconbridge. When I found out she had a few custom slots going I was really excited about getting one of her skirts. It is comfy and beautiful and... oh and i am actually wearing it sideways in these pics! The blue panel should be at the front. But then technically you could wear it any way. Its truly lovely and i am hoping getting a handmade skirt will inspire me to make my own. I really wanted to look at how it was constructed! Love it!

New sandals. Plum Birkenstocks. Yum.

We have been doing quite a lof of gluing lately.

Yes, Ezra decided to collage himself.

Lots of pulling funny faces...

This is Ezra pretending to be sad. Heartbreaking isn't it! Honestly, this looks like a childline advert! But i can assure you its all play and he bursts into giggles seconds later when he makes eye contact. Cheeky boy!

Phoebe waiting for the rain.

A first barbie type doll for Phoebe. She found it in the charity shop and loved it, along with Ken. Its not something I would have chosen, but it was in good condition and as these dolls go its pretty sweet. Its more of a little girl than a woman - I think it might be supposed to be Jessie from Toy Story. Its not got a name yet but has been played with quite a bit - often marrying 'Ken' (or The Daddy doll as Phoebe calls him).

Sandpit play

Ezra in his favourite dress of Phoebe's. He knows its not his but he likes to sneak it and run to us for help putting it on. So cute.

Doing very important fixing.

Dancing in the space as we clear the sun lounge for a little room rearranging...

and finally, a note to myself.

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  1. Oh it looks like you have been having so much fun :)
    I LOVE the skirt, I must admit my heart also leapt when I spotted Em making custom skirts....hmmm might just have a little peek :)
    blessings sue xx