Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Seesaw fun

Mummy's Makes

A recent project for a little friend of ours. They might be fiddly but
these planes are so cute! I see more in my immediate future!

Phoebe's Igloo


Phoebe hasn't shown that much interest in learning her letters yet,
and that is fine with us. I am keen not to push her when it's not
needed and believe she will learn to read in her own good time.
However, it is lovely finding little snippits of natural learning in

A planet by Phoebe

Congratulations Uncle Jonny

On your 2:1 Honours Degree in Philosophy! Well done "little" bro!

Phoebe's models

This week Phoebe has made some great models from playdough. This was
the start of her igloo. She also made several 'planets' complete with
rings around them.

Family project ::: outdoor table

Ezra contributing

Family project ::: outdoor table

As a family we are working on a little project. This is a children's
table I got cheaply from a charity shop. Russ sawed the legs down for
me so it sits low to the ground - perfect for sitting round. Then the
children and I began decorating it with acrylic paints. I think it
needs a bit more paint yet, and maybe I'll glue on a few bits, and
then we can use it outside. I'm loving it so far!

Flower Pounding

Today at one of our local home ed groups we did flower pounding -
essentially sandwiching petals between fabric and bashing it really
hard. The children enjoyed watching the colour come out and dye the
fabric, and the pounding action of course! Here is the result. Very
pretty I think!

Sunday, 17 July 2011


We have lately been on a mission to declutter our house and make it feel more like the home we dream of. Its an ongoing process and i think it will take at least the rest of the year. However, I am really pleased with the progress we have been making. Here are a few pictures of the house as it looked today after we focused on the playroom and sun lounge.

In the playroom...

Check out those super organised art shelves!

In the lounge...

In the sun lounge...

And whilst I was doing this...

Lots of fun was had in the garden!

So much more work to be done but I am really starting to feel happier in this space. Plus we have some exciting plans for next year. We are going to start saving for something special - a few ideas about what it could be yet and we haven't decided but the possibilities are good motivation to declutter and try to save/make some money. More about this some other time! ;)

Monday, 11 July 2011

Work Fun Day 2011

Yesterday we went to Russ' work fun day. Its held every summer in a big field and is basically a massive free fair. There's an art tent for children, face painting, balloon modelling, bubbles, fair rides, psychics, a pamper tent, free food, sports day games, bouncy castles and slides, ball pools, zorbing, bungee trampolines, and lots more! Phoebe asked to take her friend Charlie and Russ was able to get a few extra tickets so we got to bring our friends along!

Here are a few photos of our day:

Phoebe and Charlie having a sack race.


Nate was enamoured with the balloons he kept seeing, and in this case a huge bright beachball.

Ezra in the ball pool.

Snack time

Charlie on the big inflatable slide. Sadly I missed capturing Phoebe going down it (on the one occasion she did). Charlie is a dog now in case you were wondering!

The children all had fun on the bouncy castle.

I am so glad Charlie and her family were able to come. We all had a lovely day and it was great to talk properly with Sam while the children played, and the daddies did a great job of playing along with the children. For Phoebe particularly i think it was a really special day and I wanted to end with beautiful picture, which will surely be treasured by us all...

and the words i heard as they walked away from us...

"We're best friends, aren't we!"

Summer Fun

For the mama : some new clothes...

This gorgeous teeskirt was custom made for me by Em Falconbridge. When I found out she had a few custom slots going I was really excited about getting one of her skirts. It is comfy and beautiful and... oh and i am actually wearing it sideways in these pics! The blue panel should be at the front. But then technically you could wear it any way. Its truly lovely and i am hoping getting a handmade skirt will inspire me to make my own. I really wanted to look at how it was constructed! Love it!

New sandals. Plum Birkenstocks. Yum.

We have been doing quite a lof of gluing lately.

Yes, Ezra decided to collage himself.

Lots of pulling funny faces...

This is Ezra pretending to be sad. Heartbreaking isn't it! Honestly, this looks like a childline advert! But i can assure you its all play and he bursts into giggles seconds later when he makes eye contact. Cheeky boy!

Phoebe waiting for the rain.

A first barbie type doll for Phoebe. She found it in the charity shop and loved it, along with Ken. Its not something I would have chosen, but it was in good condition and as these dolls go its pretty sweet. Its more of a little girl than a woman - I think it might be supposed to be Jessie from Toy Story. Its not got a name yet but has been played with quite a bit - often marrying 'Ken' (or The Daddy doll as Phoebe calls him).

Sandpit play

Ezra in his favourite dress of Phoebe's. He knows its not his but he likes to sneak it and run to us for help putting it on. So cute.

Doing very important fixing.

Dancing in the space as we clear the sun lounge for a little room rearranging...

and finally, a note to myself.