Sunday, 19 June 2011

Menu Plan - 20-26 June 2011

I have decided it would be fun to start sharing our weekly menu plans.
We have had a struggle with food over the past few years. Phoebe is
very sensitive when it comes to food, whereas I am a huge food lover
and really interested in nutrition. As I have read more I have wanted
to change our diet. Out of respect for my daughter I won't discuss all
the issues here, but I can say now we are at a place where she is
filling her tummy and sometimes trying new things.
I have decided to take a cookbook a week and try some new recipes.
This week I have chosen Viva Le Vegan by Dreena Burton. I love the
simple nature of these recipes. They are really homely and
straightforward and I can imagine making them, even when the pressure
is on to get dinner on the table!

Another point to make is that I know my children won't eat everything
I have listed (green smoothies for example, much to my dismay!) and
will no doubt consume other things during the week but these are the
meals for each day and I won't be cooking lots of seperate things
unless it is really needed. I am quite confident the children will
have enough of the things they like at each meal. Cereal will also be
on offer in mornings for those who don't like the main breakfast.

So here is our plan for this coming week:


Raspberry Oatmeal p22 Viva Le Vegan and green smoothie
Leftover Pizza and salad
Sweet curry chickpea casserole and rice p106 Viva Le Vegan
Banana pancakes p19 Viva Le Vegan


Millet porridge p25 Viva Le Vegan and green smoothie
Tomato soup and rosemary focaccia p381 The Mystic Cookfire
Lasagne and salad
Yoghurt and fruit


Hemp shake, fruit, cereal, granola
Lentil bake and salad
Moroccan Root vegetable pie, braised kale, and other veg
Crumble with gooseberries and raspberries from garden (if there are
any left)


Green smoothie, scrambled egg, omega ketchup (Viva Le Vegan)
Tomato lentil pasta sauce p107 Viva Le Vegan with rice pasta and salad
Stir fried veg with noodles and almond Ginger drizzle (Feeding the
Whole Family - one of our favourite recipes!)
Yoghurt and fruit


Couscous and sunflower seed porridge, green smoothie
Cheese and salad wraps (nori for me, tortillas for everyone else)
Chickpea ratatouille p87 Viva Le Vegan with quinoa and salad
Oat and apple pancakes p18 Viva Le Vegan


French toast and berries, green smoothie
Then we leave to visit my family and for a school reunion! :)


Back home for lunchtime
Omelette and salad
Toad in the whole with veggie sausages, saddleback potatoes (The
Mystic Cookfire p275) and a veggie mountain! :)


We grow our own veg and get veg weekly from Riverford so the salad and
veg we use will be whatever is in our fridge. Some of our favourites
at the moment are: lettuce from the garden (butterhead?), broad beans
from garden (delicious smashed with olive oil, lemon juice and mint),
mixed leaf salad, sprouted seeds (from windowledge), tomatoes with
Himalayan pink salt and cracked black pepper, grated carrot in orange
juice and sesame seeds, cucumber and red pepper, Croatian cabbage
salad (The Mystic Cookfire), homemade cortido/curtido (bought from
Nurtured Family: Nurtured Earth), steamed spinach and greens with ume
dressing (The Kind Diet), steamed sweetcorn, broccoli and carrot.

I hope to do some baking to share with guests but have not decided
what yet. I like the look of the Hemp Squares from Viva Le Vegan but
need to wait for the hemp hearts to arrive from Suma on Friday. So
something else will be made tomorrow morning.

What do you think? Do you menu plan?do you have a recipe to recommend
to me? I so enjoyed planning our week!


  1. Thank you for sharing! LOVE the new blog banner!!!! Can't wait to recieve my copy of The Mystic Cookbook.

  2. There are lots of yummy ideas on there :) I tried my first green smoothie the other week and was surprised by how nice it was haha!

    I do menu plans at uni but haven't conviced the family (or jonny) yet...having said that I am the chef ;)

  3. Looks like a delicious week at yours, and your post reminded me to order Thr Mystic Cookfire, so that is now done. Hope you are all well. xx

  4. Lovely to see you planning meals from The Mystic Cookfire ;-) Still have you on target to be in charge of foccacia at camp! ;-) Just ordering plenty of flour and rosemary for you.....
    love, v

  5. Thank you.

    I had better hone my breadmaking skills! lol. x