Saturday, 14 May 2011

This Week...

Ezra is loving:

the lawnmower - his most favourite thing in the world. It doesn't need to be on. But he needs to be near it several times a day. Several times an hour in fact! And we need to push it around at his request.

swinging next to his sister.

drinking yoghurt drinks.

feeding the dollies.

kicking. Balls usually but also towers, fences, anything that doesn't object too loudly.


next door's cat. sadly, it doesn't love being cuddled so I have to ensure we keep a safe distance.

sand and water.
being naked.

Phoebe is loving:

swinging as high as she can and jumping off.

climbing the rope swing and rope ladder.

playing with the children next door.

playing with sand and water to make "sloppy woppy".

going to sleep listening to Daddy read stories.

Calamity Jane.

singing, all the time.

asking questions, such as "are clouds really fluffy?" (she thinks that when you get close and touch them they feel wet).

talking to our neighbours.

Russ is loving:

being with our children.
scrum (its a work thing!)

listening to Laura Marling.

painting our new lounge.
reading Phoebe to sleep.

looking forward to planting potatoes.

Laura is loving:

the space in our new lounge sans wall.

being outside in the sun and barefoot.

watching all the play and fun the children are having.
Phoebe's new found confidence.

Ezra kisses.

dreaming of simplifying and decluttering... and selling everything to go travel the world in a veggie fuelled rv or live in a yurt. Ok, so the second part won't happen but i am happy dreaming. :)

the challenge of being more frugal.
catching up on a few blogs and being inspired.

using our 'posh' camera again.
imagining our new simplified, light and airy home.

I have missed blogging. Hope to post some pictures soon and will pop over to see what bloggy friends are up to. :)

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