Monday, 23 May 2011

Thinking about...

  • articles I want to write. Words forming in my head whilst feeding my babe to sleep but no time to write them down, yet.,
  • knitting a tiny hat for a new baby born to a lovely family. Welcome earthside little one.
  • Nurtured Family: Nurtured Earth... and getting so excited!
  • how i keep getting my dates muddled up (time is going too quickly) and forgot three whole birthdays! I'm so sorry to my lovely friends and family. No indication at all of our feelings - just of our lack of time and my mental disorganisation right now.
  • how to repair the rip in our lovely bell tent! :( High winds caused some damage. Any thoughts anyone?
  • a great weekend we just had with our lovely friends Tommy and Roz, and how much fun the children had playing with them.
  • choosing a new front door.
  • where to send my iphone to be fixed. Think that one is sorted thanks to my very efficient and thorough father in law. Thank you Jon! - update: sending it off tomorrow. Yay!
  • The Mother Camp. Woooooohoooo!
  • when we will manage to paint our new lounge.
  • what to do with my hair! Dreads? A new cut? What do you think?
  • how much i am loving decluttering and how great our art shelves are looking this evening.
  • the lovely paper flowers dangling from the kitchen archway that Phoebe and I made.
  • being in the garden, in the sunshine.
  • redbush chai tea.
  • seeing lovely friends this week.
  • loving this life!


  1. I often think it would be wonderful if things happened the moment I thought about them, I would be so wonderfully organised then! Don't know about the bell tent, can you get in touch with where you got it from, and ask their advice? Sounds as if things are going really well, and lots of lovely things to look forward to. Blessings to you all. xx

  2. My mind is always whirling too when feeding little people to sleep, seems to be a creative hotspot! Your list looks brightened by lots of lovely things xx

  3. dreads every time! But then I would say that as I have dreads. They are hard work at first so if you've got kids I don't know I'd recommend starting them! But after some years they are the easiest thing in the world, ready before I am!
    Am the same - swirls of words floating round my head, think a dictaphone might caputre some of the wisdoms that pass as I forget them.
    Muche love X

  4. ...and yet you still find time for us x thank you so much for today and for everything x you are an inspiration x