Saturday, 14 May 2011


I don't normally 'advertise' products on here but I am really excited to announce that one of my absolute favourite families have just launched a new business! And not just any new business but something that fellow mama bloggers might be interested in. Introducing... Barefoot Birth Pools!

Shona is a very good friend of mine and is running the business alongside her husband Jez. They are a local unschooling family and Shona has done a lot for us locally, setting up Natural Parenting Club and Peterborough Homebirth Group. If you are nearby you can see the services Shona offers here (including natal hypnotherapy, baby reflex and doula services).

She also has another business selling all kinds of lovely things for families at The website is just about to be relaunched but includes things such as onya products, little green radicals clothing, barefoot books, and soon Grimm's wooden toys. :) Lovely stuff.

I am looking forward to using one of their pools in future. We barely had enough time to inflate and fill our birthpool-in-a-box for Ezra's birth and it took all of Russ' attention to do it. It will be nice to not have to worry about all of that and have a bit of luxury with one of these beautiful pools next time. :)

Congratulations Shona and Jez on the launch of Barefoot Birth Pools! xxx

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