Tuesday, 26 April 2011


I am sorry for my absence from here. It feels like quite a while since i properly engaged with this blog, and my bloggy friends. I have felt like such a lot is going on here but i have no energy to write about it, or indeed no inclination to. I am spending little time online right now though i do miss hearing about what others are up to so am hoping to gradually start catching up on that.

News here in brief is that we have had a wall knocked down to make a large lounge and we are deciding what to do next with the rest of the house. We have been spending lots of time in the garden. Phoebe has been really growing up. She's now going to sleep of an evening with her Daddy sometimes and even went to sleep in her own bed once. Its a priority now to redecorate the room that will be hers and Ezra's - not so we can force her into it. But so that it feels special and nice to her (and mainly because there is a damp/mouldy wall). Ezra is our little whirlwind still, but is also going through a period of wanting to be reassured and staying close to us when strangers are about. He is so brave and fearless in many ways, but also likes the comfort of his family. Phoebe and Ezra are getting on really well now, with Phoebe taking on a real big sister role, and Ezra trying to please her. Its sweet to watch. We are having lots of sand play, and water play, and games with the children next door (who are 10 and 6). The chickens are doing well - though we still have two cockerels. We think we may have found a home for no 2 (Beauty/Beautiful Markings - as named by my friend's children who raised him) finally, but i won't quite believe it til it happens.

We are doing a lot of talking here about simple living, and our home, and lifestyle. Looking forward together to what we hope our future will be like. I am hoping to share more here as i can but i am rather enjoying this break from technology so blogging may continue to be sparse. I will see how things go.

Thanks for sticking with me x

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