Saturday, 16 April 2011


This video is just beautiful. Whether you consider yourself spiritual or not, it is a call to awaken to the beauty in the ordinary, the wonder of every day. I felt moved to share it.

Today I am grateful for...

a visit with a dear friend this morning - the help she has given me and our conversations.
a new space here in my home which lets the beautiful light stream right in.
Phoebe going to sleep last night with her Daddy
this morning's sunshine
Ezra sleeping soundly this naptime and resting his tired head.
home made pizza for lunch.
my parents for looking after me and my children all week.
my grandad and his love for my children (and me) which shines through.
my son's curls and golden hair.
my daughter blooming, her confidence unfurling like a rose.
the roof over my head.
the ability to stay at home with my children.
the video that i just posted.
our laptop, so that we can connect with others and share things that enrich our lives.
the flowers in my garden.
the feeling of being home.

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